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Purchasing a gift certificate will automatically email a code to the recipients email address you enter in the form below. The minimum purchase amount is $20.00. There is no maximum purchase amount

When a gift certificate is purchased an email is sent to the buyer and the recipient, confirming the order and including the gift certificate code that will be redeemed on checkout.

The recipient can then go to the store and use their gift certificate to purchase the product of their choice. On checkout they will see a discount and coupon field to enter their unique code.

If the value of the gift certificate is higher than the item purchased then the remaining amount will be saved for use at a later date. If the shopping cart total is higher than the value of the gift certificate then they can continue with the checkout and pay the difference through the store.

So you simply enter the amount, enter the recipients name and your name, enter the recipients email address and any message you would like to leave (for example 'Happy Birthday Charlie') and submit the form. On submission you will go through the checkout process as normal.

Please note: Gift certificates are valid for one year from date of purchase.

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